13 Helpful And Free Online Learning Tools For Ukrainian Children

It is a very difficult time. While a lot of us try to help Ukrainian families, they have to find a way to cope with this horrible situation. Amongst all the uncertainties, some may want to spend some part of their day focusing on something positive or simply „normal“ in this time and study.

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A living document

We have gathered helpful online learning resources for Ukrainian children – all of them are free-to-use and provide learning materials in the Ukrainian language. The list continues to grow – please reach out if you have tips.

1. ВШО (WHO)

What: All-Ukrainian school online 

Description: Online classrooms, video lessons, tests, practice problems for classes 5-11 in 18 subjects, aligned with the national curriculum and time plan

2. EdEra

What: Online Courses in Ukrainian language

Description: Courses on topics ranging from school topics to topics with socio-economic impact like fact checking

3. Optima School

What: Distance Schooling for Classes 1-11

Description: Optima offers professional courses, ie for exam preparation or language learning. Right now, all of their courses are for free. More information via https://optima.school/free-education

4. Osvitoria

What: Media Outlet with articles about teaching & education

Description: Tips and articles for educators and parents about recent topics, ie check list for distance teaching or exercises for your mental health as a teacher

5. Numo 

What: Online learning resources for preschool children ages 3 to 6

Description: Together with UNICEF, NUMO created an online learning platform for preschool children. Educators and parents can find videos, little exercises and tips to help with cognitive, sensory and emotional skills and development.

6. Learning Apps

What: Small Online Learning Games

Description: Learning apps is free and used by teachers for creating online exercises. It has a big collection of small games on school topics and is available in the Ukrainian language.

7. ZNOONLINE (Apple Store)

What: App for exam preparation

Description: App to help preparation for ZNO (national university admission test) and language learning

8. Skhola

What: School book PDFs

Description: The Ukrainian Ministry of Education provides all school books from classes 1-11 digitally for free.

9. Lib Imzo

What: School book PDFs

Description: You can also find all electronic version of school books classes 1-11 here.

10. Atmospheric School

What: free listener package

Description: Find ready-to-use listener package with class lessons that can also be used by teachers for classes 5-11.

11. DAR Distance School

What: online learning platform

Description: Free online learning platform for children in classes 7-11

12. Jamm School

What: online learning platform

Description: Free online learning platform for children in classes 5-11

13. ThinkGlobal

What: live tutoring, online resources, and additional activities

Description: According to linked time schedule children can attend online live tutoring

Thank you to Olga Filipova, Tatiana Nanaieva, Kseniia Bershadska and Prof. Dr. Tetiana Kaminska for your support with this list! We have also included links from this list provided by the Ukrainian Department of Education.

If you know of other apps or websites that could help Ukrainian children to learn, please leave a comment below this article! Thank you!

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